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Monthly Membership Fees

Membership Category Monthly Fee One Time Joining Fee
Family/Married Couple $55.45 $75
A married husband and wife or any individual claimed by the head of household on their IRS tax return will be included as a part of the family membership. Individuals age 19 or older that are not attending college would not be eligible to be on the family membership. Individuals going to college full-time will be included as a family member through graduation or until they reach the IRS max age of 23 (whichever comes first.)
Adult $38.10 $50
Any individual age 19 or older
Single Parent $39.25 $45
Any unmarried or divorced parent and their children who are claimed as dependents. This membership is not available to married couples where only one adult wants to join the YMCA with their children.
Senior $25.50 $30
Any individual age 65 or older.
Senior Family $48.50 $45
Married individuals age 65 or older with the membership fee equal to two senior adult memberships. (Both individuals must be age 65 or older.)
Youth $15.45 $15
Any individual age 13 or younger
Teen $15.45 $15
Individual age 14 – 17
College $25.00 $25
Any individual currently enrolled full-time. College enrollment form must be shown.

MEMBERSHIP FOR ALL- The YMCA offers financial assistance for any family or individual demonstrating a need for assistance with membership or program fees. Applications are available at the YMCA Welcome Desk. Applicants must provide verification of all income


Corporate Memberships are available for participating corporations. For more information on how your company can participate, please contact Angie Patrick, Marketing and Membership Director, at 234-9494 or Sarah Bush Lincoln Health System employees may opt to have their membership fees payroll deducted.

Payment Options

Auto Draft – YMCA Membership dues may be made using the convenient Auto Draft Plan which deducts each payment automatically from your checking or savings account, credit card or debit card either on the 10th or the 25th of the month.

In Full – The YMCA also accepts cash, check, Visa and Master cards for a semi-annual or annual membership that is paid in full. (non – refundable)