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Our Members have a great stories!  Take a moment to watch this video to hear a few of the great things that we see everyday.



Marsha & Josh Foote

marsha and josh foote

After relocating back to the Mattoon area,    Marsha Foote was ready to join the Y.     Marsha joined in   August 2013 but was not new to the gym setting.   Back in Morris, IL she was actually employed at a gym (but not a YMCA) as a step instructor and a welcome desk staff member.    It had been a while since she taught so she began her Y        membership by sticking with the equipment in the Wellness Center.  Within a month she reconnected with a familiar face, Audrey Boyd.  Audrey invited her to come to morning cardio (step) class.  That’s when Marsha remembered just how much she enjoyed group fitness.  She finds encouragement and the ability to push herself a little more with the support of a class.

Recently Marsha was encouraged to slip the instructor mic on once again.  She feels she is physically ready to lead a class again and share her passion for step aerobics.  With step aerobics, Marsha loves that her heart rate increases yet she does not feel like she is putting lots of stress on her joints.

Josh, Marsha’s son, joined the Y in May of 2014.  It has been life changing.  Even though Josh worked at the previous gym, along with his mom, he never was physically fit.  In Josh’s words “I lived a lifestyle with plenty of pizza and Mt Dew and very little movement”.  Like most people, Josh began in the Wellness Center using the cardio equipment.  He had an interest in volunteering at the Y and through being a volunteer he met a few of our instructors.  They encouraged him to check out the cycling classes.  Several months later Josh now takes up to seven cycling classes a week.  He has dropped approximately 100 pounds and is no longer        addicted to sugar.  He finds the music in cycling to be uplifting and helps to push him through his workout.  (Side note:  Josh’s favorite style of music is Korean Dubstep)!

Josh’s Y experience has also included participation in the Y Change program.  Cindy Hamilton shares with the group useful information in the area of nutrition, stress management and physical activity.  He has been   recommending the program to others. (Check for this program to return in the fall).

Not only does Josh feel the physical difference but also the mental difference being active has made for him.  He has a positive outlook, more clarity and appreciates that fellow members offer support and notice the changes he has made.

With group fitness at the Y, Marsha and Josh see the connection made between members.  With the previous gym Marsha and Josh never felt a sense of community.  Within the Y they found that people care.  That staff as well as the members notice things such as when someone has been missing from class due to an illness or to care for a spouse.  Marsha says “the members look out for one another.  They give each other support and check on each other”.

Thanks Marsha and Josh for sharing your Y experience.   We are glad you are a part of our Y family and can inspire others to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Gleva Hampton

Gleva Hampton






Just before the New Year, I sat down in our lobby with Gleva Hampton. Gleva, age 90, has been a member of our Y for two decades. Earlier this year she took a fall which left her in a local rehab center for 4 1/2 months. When her doctor released her, he asked her what she was going to do.  She replied “Get back to the Y”.  That is exactly what she did!  Usually she is in our three times a week.  She can be found in our pool alongside her friends.  She follows up her workout by visiting with friends in the lobby.   Gleva also told her doctor if she had not been an active, long time member of our Y she is not sure she would be walking today after all she has been through.

We are glad to have Gleva back.  She is an inspiration to many of our members.