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Alphabet Workout

With the Alphabet Workout you will find that each letter of the alphabet equals a specific exercise with a set number of reps.  Each week we will give you a new word and you will complete a workout based on the letters in the word.  Each time you complete the challenge of the week, you will stop by our Welcome Desk to submit an entry for our weekly raffle of prizes.  Complete the workout of the week once or as many times as you like for multiple opportunities to win.

This program does not have a registration or a fee.  In fact we want as many people as possible to get active and participate.  This is an excellent opportunity to workout as a family, with a group of friends or find motivation on your solo workouts.

We do ask that you complete your Alphabet Workouts inside the Mattoon YMCA.  For more information on this Wellness Incentive Program contact our Welcome Desk or email Emily at  Check back in late summer/early fall 2017 for our next Alphabet Workout.