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Youth Sports

Winning is a part of every sports. There is no denying it, but it is not the most important part. The YMCA strives to teach sportsmanship, teamwork, skills and values above all else. Every child plays half of every game and the score is only kept in upper grade levels, so that fun and skill development can remain the focus of YMCA Youth Sports. Below is a listing of upcoming Youth Sports registrations along with a list of Youth Sports offered throughout the year. For questions about a specific sports program, contact David Martin, Sports Coordinator at


Youth Volleyball Clinic

The YMCA is excited to add a youth volleyball clinic to our summer line up.  Created for youth in 4th-7th grades, this clinic will provide an opportunity to grow and develop skills.  The atmosphere will be enjoyable, wholesome and social where expectations will include fair play, good sportsmanship and respect for all players at all times.  The clinic will meet every Thursday for three hours in Bock Gym over 8 consecutive weeks.

Who:  Youth in 4th through 7th grads

Program Dates:  June 7-July 26

Early registration:  April 15-May 5

Early Registration Fees:  $20 Y members/$40 non-members

Regular Registration:  May 6-May 26

Regular Registration Fees:  $30 for Y members/$50 for non-members


Youth Fall Soccer

Enjoy the outdoors with youth outdoor soccer.  The league is open to ages 4 to 14 with games played at Lawson Park on Saturday mornings.  Teams are divided by age with separate leagues for boys and girls based on registration numbers.

Ages: 4 to 14

Program Dates:  Aug 21-Oct 21

Early Registration:  June 2-June 29.

Early Registration Fees:  $25 for Y members/$45 for non-members

Regular Registration:  June 30-July 31

Regular Registration Fees:  $35 for Y members/$55 for non-members


British Soccer Camp

This camp is provided through Challenger Sports and is conducted by a team of more than 1000 British Soccer coaches flown to the USE exclusively to work with this program.  British Soccer Camp will offer drills and skills.

Registration is open now!

Program Dates:  July 31-Aug 4

To register click the following link.


Other Youth Sports throughout the calendar year

  • Youth Basketball- Registration  fall
  • Indoor Soccer- Registration late fall
  • 7-9th Grade Basketball-  Registration late fall

youth soccer