Our competitive swim team always welcomes new team members. Our team works on increasing cardiovascular fitness, stroke development and training for competition with other area YMCA’s. The season runs mid-September through mid-March. Swim Team is open to Y members ages 5-21 and who can swim one pool length (25 yds.) freestyle and one pool length backstroke without tiring.

Swim Team Trials

Decide if SAMY Seals Swim Team is the right fit for you! Join us for swim team trials Sept. 3rd-13th. Swim team trials will operate as the same levels as swim team, so swimmers will be placed at level 1 through level 4 based on their current swimming abilities. Swimmers can choose to level down if they’re not comfortable with the requirements of the higher level. Practice times are based upon your level. If a swimmer decides not to continue with the team after the trial period, there is not charge for having participated during the trial. For more information on levels, practice times, and SAMY Seals Swim Team please read the brochure below.

Trial period dates: 9/3/19-9/13/19