The Y has been teaching people to swim for more than a century. In YMCA aquatics programs children learn to be safe around water and gain the confidence that comes with learning something new. But our aquatics programs extend beyond instruction – we also provide recreational, competitive, fitness, and specialty aquatic programs for all ages and abilities. Swimming is an activity you can enjoy your whole life. Let the Y help your family discover the fun and great exercise of swimming!

Our indoor pool is kept at a comfortable 84.5 degrees with a lifeguard on duty any time the pool is open for use. Our shallow end is 3.5 feet deep while the maximum depth is 5 feet. The pool is equipped with a lift for those individuals requiring help into the pool.

Use the natural resistance of the water to increase muscle tone and improve your fitness level without the stress and impact on your joints. This class may use equipment such as water noodles and water dumbbells.

Intensity: L/M/H
Mon-Fri 8:15AM-9AM
Tue & Thurs 5:45PM-6:45PM
Sat 9AM-10AM

Jump into Latin-inspired, easy-to-follow, calorie-burning, dance fitness dance party that makes working out a splash! Shake, shimmy, and sizzle in the water as we create some heat Zumba® style! No need to register but you can purchase your 10 class punch card at the Welcome Desk. You may also purchase a one time pass. Punch cards and passes should be purchased prior to entering in the pool area.

Intensity: M/H
Times: Mon & Wed 5:45PM-6:45PM; Fridays 9-9:45AM

Gentle water exercises for easing the arthritic and Fibromyalgia discomforts, while improving joint mobility, increasing muscle town and enhancing circulation.

Intensity: L
Times: Mon, Wed, Fri 5:4AM-10:45AM

Join in the fun for a non-competitive game of water volleyball! No instructor but as always, a lifeguard is on duty.

Intensity: L/M
Mon & Wed 9AM-9:45AM
Tues & Thurs 9AM-10AM

A mature adult’s water exercise program designed to improve muscle tone and elevate the heart rate to a level that will improve your cardiovascular system.

Intensity: L/M
Times: Mon, Wed & Fri 10:45AM-11:45AM


Learning to swim at the Y is more than just stroke development. It’s a child-centered approach, where kids learn through play, hands-on exercises and creative repetition. The YMCA lesson curriculum is enhanced with YMCA character development emphasizing the four core values of Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility. Children are taught in small groups in a progressive approach which allows each child to proceed at their own pace. When your child has mastered one level, they’re ready for the next. Each lesson encourages your child to feel good about themselves and what they’ve learned, and they can develop lifelong skills that can help them stay healthy.

The Y group swim lesson programs are offered year-round and include parent-child, preschool and youth group swim lesson classes as well as swimming lessons for all ages and abilities including those with autism or other disabilities. Sessions are six weeks in length and registration dates open two weeks prior to the start of the class. Private and semi-private swim lessons are available for families or children wanting additional attention at a time that is convenient for you. During the summer group swim lessons are held at Lytle Pool and the YMCA pool. The Y also offers a youth competitive swim team program.

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Auti-swim Lessons
We are excited to announce our first fall session of Auti-Swim Lesson! These lessons are for families with all special needs of all ages. Swimmers will benefit from small group work and exclusive pool time for lessons. We will have a limit of 5 students per instructor.

This program is being offered for free, as we have received a grant from Autism Speaks to help all families become safe around the water.

All swimmers will need to be with a care-taker in the water during lessons.
When you register, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Swimmer’s Diagnosis
  • Consent/Authorization to take photos/videos of classes. Photos/Videos to be used by Autism Speaks on their website and social media.
  • Valid Email Address

Dates and Times:


Our competitive swim team always welcomes new team members. Our team works on increasing cardiovascular fitness, stroke development and training for competition with other area YMCA’s. The season runs mid-September through mid-March. Swim Team is open to Y members ages 5-21 and who can swim one pool length (25 yds.) freestyle and one pool length backstroke without tiring. Join us for Pre-Season Trials to decide if swim team is the right fit for your child!

Trial period dates: Sept 3-13, 2019

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