Challenge Yourself- Connect with Friends!

At the YMCA, we know that not every person is motivated by the same things. We also know that having a supportive group of like-minded friends can help you achieve goals you never thought were possible! Our Wellness Challenges are held throughout the year. They focus on different areas of strength, and different types of workouts. Challenges are a great way to get excited about wellness, stay motivated to achieve your goals, and to make new friends along the way (oh, and you could win some great prizes)! These programs are open to members.

Have you been telling yourself that you need to get back into a workout routine after the holidays? Start fresh and crush your goals with the Check-In Challenge! Just check in at any of our four branches- Mattoon, Toledo, Center for Healthy Living, or the Virtual Y. Every check-in or barcode entry on the Virtual Y gives you an entry to win great prizes, including a month of free membership and discounts on your Recharge Challenge registration!

Age:  Any!
Registration: 12/1/23-1/2/24
Program Dates: 1/2/24-1/28/2024
Fee: $5

The Recharge Challenge is a six-week fitness challenge designed to motivate you to exercise regularly and at the appropriate level. The challenge consists of an increasing number of minutes of exercise each week. Participants will receive prizes for achieving weekly goals. The more goals they reach, the more chances they have to win even more prizes in our final raffle drawing. Up for an even bigger challenge? Double the weekly point goals by choosing to “supercharge” your registration.

Recharge: Weekly goals range from 1-3 hours
Supercharge: Weekly goals range from 2-6 hours

Age: Any!
Registration: 1/2/24-2/11/24
Program Dates: 2/11/24-3/23/24
Fee: $20/member

Studies show that true change in our fitness routine happens when we focus on frequency before intensity. We can all make time to move our body for 30 minutes a day. You don’t have to pump iron or run a mile. You could pull weeds, walk the dog, or even scrub the shower! How many days can you be intentional about exercising for 15 or 30 minutes? At the Y, we believe in healthy living for Mind, Soul, AND Body. The Daily 30 Wellness Challenge helps you discover new ways to take care of yourself while you win prizes!

Earn a point each time you complete a workout or wellness activity for 15 + (Daily 15) or 30+ (Daily 30) minutes. 1 point max per day. The Daily 15 challenge is kid friendly! See how many days in July you can complete it! Prizes and t-shirts awarded at the end of the challenge based on activities logged through the Y app or turned into the lobby table.

Registration Fee- FREE ($5 t-shirt add on)
Registration: 6/1/24-7/1/24
Program Dates: 7/1/24-7/31/24

Need some accountability to stay on track throughout this holiday season? We’re here to keep you motivated! Participants will weigh in at our new private self reported booth in the lobby (both locations) at the beginning and end of the challenge. Participants are able to weigh in up to 3 times in addition to the initial and final weigh-ins (optional). Invite a friend to join you for fun and accountability!

Participants who maintain weight (within two pounds) or lose weight during holidays will receive their money back in Y credit. Invite a friend and receive a Y swag gift! All participants will also receive helpful emails with recipes and tips.

Registration: October 2024
Cost: $20 (members & non-members)
Initial weigh in: November 13-19
Final weigh in: January 2-7