People of all ages and fitness levels can benefit from aqua aerobics at the Y. Burn calories and build strength while you make friends and have fun!

  • Our indoor pools are kept at a comfortable 84.5 degrees
  • Mattoon pool is 25 yards long and has six 7-foot wide lanes
  • Toledo pool is 20 yards long and has four lanes
  • There is a lifeguard on duty any time the pool is open for use
  • The shallow end in both pools is 3.5 feet deep, with a maximum depth of five feet
  • Pools are equipped with a lift for those requiring assistance


  • Do not enter the pool if you have an open cut or blister, or if you suspect you have a communicable disease
  • Wear family appropriate and clean swim attire
  • Shower using warm water and soap before entering the pool of after use of the toilet facilities
  • Children in diapers or newly potty trained children under 3 must wear disposable swim diapers or reusable plastic pants with snug elasticized legs and waistband
  • No extended breath holding or hyperventilation allowed
  • Do not engage in rough play in the pool, on the deck, or in the locker rooms
  • Diving is prohibited
  • Spitting, spouting water from mouth or blowing nose in the pool is prohibited
  • Diaper changing in the pool area is prohibited
  • Do not bring drinks, food, or gum into the pool area
  • Glass and breakable items are prohibited in the pool area
  • The Neal Center YMCA pool will close for at least 30 minutes when lightning is spotted