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Building a Strong Relationship

Growing Together Courtney Lockett and Justin Mills are living proof that couples who exercise together- stay together! “We’ve been through a lot together,” Courtney said. “Even after six years, we’ve had to learn the best way to encourage each other during our workouts.” After meeting during their first week of college in Missouri, the two [...]

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Fighting Osteoporosis One Workout at a Time

Living With Osteoporosis Getting a medical diagnosis can be scary and discouraging. According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, Osteoporosis is commonly called a “silent disease.” Often, breaking a bone is the first clue you have osteoporosis. Some people learn that they have osteoporosis after they lose height from one or more broken bones in the [...]

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Getting Stronger Every Day

No Plan- No ProgressAs a busy wife and mother to three daughters, Myra Taylor was like many Y members. “I had been pulling myself to the Y at 5 a.m. three to five days a week to lift and do cardio,” she said. “Although I appreciated the health benefits of the regimen, it seemed like [...]

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Personal Training Leads to Personal Success

While group fitness classes are currently suspended due to state restrictions, the YMCA offers a customized option to help people maintain or improve their health and fitness. Personal training at the Y is available in person or virtually with one of four instructors. The Y personal training team includes the “twin trainers,” Cory and Kyle [...]

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Rising to the Challenge

Michele Buerster is used to a challenge. As a teacher and principal for 30 years, she learned how to reach students of all ages, and she saw the positive impact education had on them. So when she was faced with health challenges, Michele knew the best place to start was education.  “I had been a [...]

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Healthy and Blessed

Over the course of 22 years as a nurse, Carla Wheaton learned a lot about healthy living and disease prevention. “The Lord gave us a wonderful immune system, but it’s up to us to do what we can to support it,” Carla said. Carla’s nursing career taught her well to wash her hands frequently, sanitize [...]

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Why Youth Sports Matter

Why Youth Sports Matter Youth sports have been a part of the culture in the United States since the late 19th century- a time when industrialization in the US led the leaders of the country to encourage children- mostly boys- to play sports.  Youth sports achieved two goals at that time. First, they kept young [...]

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Swim Safety Has No Season

Swim Safety is a Year Round Goal As the weather gets cooler, most people aren’t thinking about swimming, but fall and winter can be a great time to teach children how to be safe around water. Many families enjoy spending summer days at the community pool, boating on the lake, or even relaxing by the [...]

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