Growing Together

Courtney Lockett and Justin Mills are living proof that couples who exercise together- stay together! “We’ve been through a lot together,” Courtney said. “Even after six years, we’ve had to learn the best way to encourage each other during our workouts.”

After meeting during their first week of college in Missouri, the two eventually ended up at Eastern Illinois University where Justin is studying Psychology and Marketing, and Courtney is studying Elementary Education. 

Starting Over

Courtney and Justin both have athletic backgrounds. Justin played and coached basketball, and Courtney ran track throughout high school. After school, though, she noticed that her body was changing and she wasn’t as comfortable as she used to be. They had tried working out together in the past, but hadn’t found a rhythm that worked for them. “I’m used to being pushed and exercise is therapy for me,” Justin said. 

Courtney was less comfortable, and needed Justin’s help to ease into a fitness routine. Eventually, with love and encouragement, Justin helped Courtney build her confidence. They decided to tour the Mattoon Area Family YMCA and immediately felt like they were in the right place. “It was so comfortable and homey here,” Courtney said. “We felt like we belonged here, and it was a really nice facility.”

Building Routines

Courtney and Justin have a routine that focuses on treadmill workouts for cardio, along with strength training that focuses on different muscle groups each day. They set calorie goals and workout until they hit those goals. “We love spending time together, and when we can do that while also doing something that’s good for us, it’s even better,” Justin said. 

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