If you have not lost your desire to play in organized sports, the Mattoon Area Family YMCA may have just what you are looking for. A variety of opportunities are offered for both men and women. Below is a listing of upcoming registrations for adult sports along with a list of adults sports offered throughout the year.

This indoor league is played inside Bock Gym at the Mattoon YMCA.  The league has a six week regular season with a tournament to follow.  All games are on Sundays.  Only 12 teams will be allowed to participate.

Ages: 16+
Early Registration: November 18-December 16
Early Registration Fee: $20 Members / $40 Non-Members
Regular Registration: December 17-February 3
Regular Registration Fee: $30 Members / $50 Non-Members
Program Dates: February 10- April 14

Six consecutive weeks of volleyball at the Mattoon YMCA. Join us on Wednesday evenings for this league which will end with a single elimination tournament. Game referees will be provided by the Y.

Ages: 16+
Early Registration: August 1- August 19, 2019
Early Registration Fee: $20 Members / $40 Non-Members
Regular Registration: August 20-September 11, 2019
Regular Registration Fee: $30 Members / $50 Non-Members
Program Dates: September 18-November 6, 2019

Grab some buddies for some friendly competition! Adult 5 on 5 Basketball is a full court league with a six-week season for ages 16 and up. There is a single elimination tournament to follow. This league will be a “call your own foul league.” When registering, please acknowledge your team name or captain. We will do our best to fit free agents on teams, however, there is no guarantee. Games are played on Tuesdays starting at 6 p.m.

Early Registration Dates: April 16- May 6
Early Registration Fee: $20 Member/$40 Non-Member
Regular Registration Dates: May 7- June 2
Regular Registration Fee- $30 Member/ $50 Non-Member

Call (217) 234-9494 for more information, or email acarie@mattoonymca.org.

This league is full court basketball in a six week regular season followed by a single elimination tournament.  Games are played on Thursday nights.  Leagues champions receive a t-shirt.  Registration is done individually at the Y or online.  Payment is due upon registration.

Age:  16+
Early Registration:  TBA
Early Registration Fee:  $20 Y Members/ $30 Non-members
Regular Registration:  TBA
Regular Registration Fee:  $40 Y Member/$50 Non-members
Program Dates:  TBA

Keep your game sharp and enjoy the fresh air by participating in our outdoor tennis league. Tennis matches are played at Lytle Park tennis courts in Mattoon. Partner arrangements are random and different each week. Games will be held on Monday evenings with the first match at 6:30pm.

Ages: 16+
Session 1 Registration: April 1- May 8
Session 2 Registration: June 15-June 30
Registration Fee: $20 Members/ $30 Non-Members
Session Dates:  May 13- June 24 and July 1-August 12 (Games on Monday nights at 6:30 p.m.)

This over 40 league is the longest continuously running sports program at the Mattoon YMCA.  The league consists of a six-week regular season followed by a double elimination tournament.  Games are played at the Round House Complex on Monday evenings.  Teams may not have more than two players between the ages of 35-39. When registering, you MUST list your team name or team captain.

Early Registration: April 1- April 30
Early Registration Fee: $20 Y Members/$40 Non-members
Regular Registration: May 1- May 19
Regular Registration Fee: $30 Y Members/ $50 Non-members                                                                                                                                                                      Program Date: June 3- August 12th (Games on Monday nights beginning at 6 p.m.)