While group fitness classes are currently suspended due to state restrictions, the YMCA offers a customized option to help people maintain or improve their health and fitness.

Personal training at the Y is available in person or virtually with one of four instructors. The Y personal training team includes the “twin trainers,” Cory and Kyle Scharwarth, as well as Jenny Meinhart and Adam Shook. Each trainer has a unique method of training that focuses on every client’s individual goals.

Emotional Effects of the Pandemic

During the pandemic, many Y members have reported experiencing a loss of motivation. A lack of routine can make this even more difficult to combat. Having a personal trainer can provide encouragement, energy, and motivation. Personal trainers at the Y will also help clients set goals and create a plan to accomplish them. “We love celebrating every accomplishment with our clients,” Meinhart said. “It’s the most rewarding part of what we do.”

In a recent survey, members expressed that they had many reasons for falling out of their exercise habit. “We help hold our clients accountable,” Scharwarth said. “We can come up with strategies to help you overcome excuses. It’s a lot harder to skip a workout if you know your trainer is waiting on you.” 

Learning to be Successful

In the age of Instagram workouts, figuring out which exercises to do can be confusing. Many people don’t know where to start, so they avoid exercise all together. Personal trainers at the Y will help clients understand which information is accurate and they’ll design a plan that works for the client’s schedule. “One of the things my clients love is that I lay out a personalized plan for them,” Shook said. “It takes all of the guesswork out of figuring out what type of exercise to do from day to day.”

Many people are intimidated by the thought of visiting a gym, especially if they have been inactive during the pandemic. Working with a personal trainer allows clients to have some privacy while they build their confidence and strength. Trainers also ensure that their client’s form is correct so that they are less likely to injure themselves or experience pain. “We have helped people overcome pain from injuries, or even just the aging process,” Scharwarth said. “No matter how old you are, it is possible to turn things around and live pain-free with more energy.” 

Training for All Ages

Personal trainers at the Y can also work with young people who need to continue athletic training while sports are cancelled or out of season. “I love working with young athletes,” Scharwarth said. “They are so hard working and full of energy.” 

Adults who want to train for a specific purpose also find benefit with personal training. “We’ve had clients who want to run a 5k, improve their golf game, or get in shape before a softball league,” Meinhart said. “We love to put together individualized plans based on specific goals.”

Personal training is now available in-person or virtually. Trainers have availability throughout the day and week. People who are interested in scheduling a consultation with a personal trainer can call the Y at (217) 234-9494 or visit www.mattoonymca.org or www.nealcenterymca.org and click on Personal Training.