No Plan- No Progress

As a busy wife and mother to three daughters, Myra Taylor was like many Y members. “I had been pulling myself to the Y at 5 a.m. three to five days a week to lift and do cardio,” she said. “Although I appreciated the health benefits of the regimen, it seemed like so much work with few appreciable results.”

Myra said that it became easier to skip the workouts and sleep in, and after several months, going back to the Y seemed overwhelming. “It’s very common for people to burn out on exercise if they don’t have a plan that fits their lifestyle and produces results,” Cory Scharwarth , YMCA Lead Personal Trainer said.

After seeing her weight increase and feeling her mental attitude declining, Myra knew she needed a new plan. She had heard about personal training opportunities at the Y, but was uncomfortable with the idea of working one-on-one with someone. “I was apprehensive about letting someone see how out of shape I had gotten,” she said. “It brought up feelings of embarrassment.”

The cost was another consideration for Myra. As a frugal person, she was concerned about spending money on something that may not work.

Pushing Through the Fear

Eventually, Myra signed up for a four session package and was paired with Cory. After an introductory meeting to build a plan that would fit Taylor’s lifestyle and goals, she already felt more at ease. “Once I met him, my apprehension shrank,” she said. “Cory obviously has a great desire to help people. He has an engaging personality and was easy to talk with.”

With her first session approaching, Myra felt nervous and intimidated. She was concerned that Cory would “have his hands full” trying to help her get back in shape, but after the session started, those feelings dissolved. “It was obvious that I could trust Cory to help me achieve the results I wanted,” she said. “His enthusiasm and celebrations of the little victories was infectious.”

More Than Just a Workout

Myra said that one of the most helpful parts of training with Cory was his vast knowledge and understanding of fitness training. His guidance left her feeling challenged and ready to come back again and again. Four sessions turned into 12, and months later, Myra continues to train with Cory. She says that his support of her efforts has pushed her through the tough workouts. “His warm personality motivates me and the training program he creates continues to challenge me so that I’m stronger, both mentally and physically.”

As for the cost of training, Myra said that it has been worth every penny. “When I think about how much I have spent on things like prescriptions, diet gimmicks, and everything else that goes along with fluctuating weight, this has been the single best purchase I have ever made to improve my health.”

The Mattoon Area Family YMCA has four personal trainers on staff. Each trainer will work with you to build a plan that can help you achieve your goals while fitting into your lifestyle and schedule. Partner and small group training sessions are also available. Click here to complete an interest packet and be matched with a trainer today.